New Chair of Mount Mary College’s Business Department is Helping to Bridge the Gap Between the College and Community

New Chair of Mount Mary College’s Business Department is Helping to Bridge the Gap Between the College and Community Main Photo

29 Oct 2019

Mount Mary College recently welcomed Jamison Rounds as the new chair of its business department. 

Rounds is no stranger to business - he founded a business valuation firm in Crooks, South Dakota - nor to education as he has taught a variety of courses at the University of South Dakota. In fact, if asked, he would tell you that he has spent his career at the intersection of education, economic development and small business. And, because faith is also an important component of Rounds’ life, he is particularly excited to be at Mount Mary College where faith and business are synchronous. 

Now, he’d like to see how he can integrate the college’s business department into the community. 

How will he accomplish this? 

To start, he will listen. Rounds is going out into the community and having conversations with people to understand what the community wants and needs from the college and business department. Based on what he hears, he will assess the resources at Mount Marty College to determine what they can do.

For some, that might mean internships for business majors, for others it might mean various forms of workforce development in the community. Whatever it is, he is looking forward to providing a valuable bridge between the college and the community that benefits all who are involved. 

“Working with entrepreneurs, businesses and communities is my passion,” says Rounds. It’s those small businesses that help the communities grow, stay vibrant and be great places to live.”

“College on the Hill”

Stained glass windows at Mount Mary CollegeFor a long time, Mount Mary College has been somewhat isolated from the community and regarded  as the “college on the hill.” In recent years, MMC has put forth an effort to change this perception, and now Rounds will participate in that endeavor. 

Rounds currently lives in Crooks and commutes to Yankton a couple of times a week. When he’s not teaching at the college, he’s out in the community walking into businesses and introducing himself. His goal is to schedule at least two meetings per week with different stakeholders - from business owners to economic developers and college supporters - and says so far, the meetings have been very enlightening. 

“The response to my outreach has been very warm and open, and I appreciate all the support in this endeavor,” says Rounds. “It has allowed me to not only meet some of the great people and businesses in Yankton but also to learn the history of the community and get a sense of what residents and business owners see as the community's future.” 

He continues, “As a whole, the college is trying to practice the art of presence, which means engaging with those around us. I look forward to seeing the outcome of our outreach and determine how we can best meet the needs of the community to provide services, education and an improved workforce.” 

If you would like to connect with Jamison, please reach out to him, he can be reached via email at, by phone on campus at 605.668.1361, and at 605.370.6931.