Supporting Mount Marty College is Necessary for the Yankton Community

Supporting Mount Marty College is Necessary for the Yankton Community Main Photo

9 Oct 2018

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Yankton Area Progressive Growth is proud to be a $1 million donor in to Mount Marty College Fieldhouse project and other campus improvements.  The mission of YAPG includes offering assistance to industries and businesses that contribute to Yankton’s prosperity through primary job development, private investment and wealth generation.  Our recent capital campaign expands our reach even further to include people and place.  Mount Marty College LogoMount Marty College is a perfect example of an organization that is creating growth and development to enhance our people, jobs, and place. 

When the capital campaign references “people” it is from the standpoint of increased inventory in the workforce at a variety of education levels, skills, and positions.  Mount Marty College certainly increases the inventory of workforce in Yankton with their student population.  Some students are employed in the healthcare systems, retail, and manufacturing in Yankton.  It is also not uncommon for the graduates to seek employment in Yankton after graduation because they love the community so much.  Our local businesses will testify that hiring graduates of Mount Marty College is a quality investment. 

Mount Marty College is also an important economic driver for all of Yankton.  Their current economic impact is over $15 million annually.  In addition to the $15 million, current visitor spending is estimated at $1.2 million and student spending is estimated at $2.5 million with those numbers estimated to grow substantially during and after construction of the new facilities.  Included in those numbers are the salaries of faculty and staff.  Yankton is blessed to have the diverse employment opportunities that come along with a high-level educational facility.  Having the educational professional opportunities at Mount Marty College expands the workforce options many times for the spouses that relocate to Yankton in the manufacturing field (and vice versa). 

Yankton is much more attractive as a community to relocate to or stay in because of the variety of jobs in the workforce.  Focusing too much on one sector can be a hinderance to growth and development, and that is why quality options in education, healthcare, agriculture, retail, municipal, and manufacturing create a strong base for Yankton.

Yankton is a great place to live, work and play.  Mount Marty College is working to enhance the variety of campus opportunities, not just for the students, but for the entire community.  The fieldhouse will be a great draw for out-of-town guests to come to Yankton for games, tournaments, and other community events.  Yankton seeks out activities to fill the hotels, especially in the non-summer months and this fieldhouse will assist in doing just that. Proposed upgrades to Laddie Cimpl Arena will also create new community excitement.  Learning more about the Benedictine Leadership Program and how they plan to create space on campus for interaction between student and community leaders has also excited the members and investors of YAPG.  The more interaction the students have with the community, the more Yankton is likely to become their permanent home. 

Attracting and retaining people to Yankton takes a collaborative effort between several organizations in the community, with YAPG being one of them. We appreciate the efforts that Mount Marty College is making to reach out to their alumni to raise the $15 million needed for the fieldhouse.  They are creating bold and visionary strategic plans for a sustainable future. 

The Yankton community can work together to accomplish great things.  This is evidenced in the past through the building of the Meridian Bridge, the Summit Activity Center, the Boys & Girls Club and of course, Mount Marty College. 

YAPG, a nonprofit 501(c)(6), through building development projects has benefitted financially and will to continue to reinvest in Yankton.  The community of Yankton is the true benefactor when out-of-state companies and individuals look at Yankton as a place to invest.  The results of those projects along with the $400,000-plus annual contributions from the Yankton private business community make a contribution like the one to Mount Marty College possible.  This is YAPG’s first contribution at this level for a specific Yankton improvement project, which was unanimously approved by YAPG’s 25-member board of directors.  The board knows and understands the strong impact that Mount Marty College has on the Yankton economy and will work to make thoughtful decisions that positively support development.

We thank Mount Marty College for their continued investment in Yankton and will strive to work together for benefit of the entire Yankton community.

--Nancy Wenande 10/9/18