Polco Community Input Tool

YAPG is utilizing Polco's software to gather community feedback on a number of community topics. We encourage every Yankton county resident to sign up for a Polco account to ensure that we are hearing from as many different perspectives as possible. What you have to say matters to us, go to Polco to give your input!

Help us spread the word about Polco - Download and print this flyer for your business's bulletin board!

Here are a few FAQs about Polco:


What does Polco do with my personal information, like name, email, and ZIP code? Why does Polco ask for this? Why do I have to create an account with Polco to share my perspective?

  • By entering your name, email address, and ZIP code, you create an account on Polco. Polco uses your name and ZIP code to count you as a registered voter in the area that you report to live in by checking that information against public available voter information in your state.  The purpose of creating an account is to ensure no one responds on your behalf and that to provide you a personalized experience.

Who is Polco? Why isn’t this done by local community organizations?

  • Polco is a private company that focuses on helping residents give input to their local governments and organizations to better inform community decisions. Using Polco saves the local government and organizations money by replacing older, more expensive methods of getting input. It also can reduce staff time building online engagement tools and handling multiple input channels, allows a broader range of people to give public input through the app and website, and protects your privacy. Your personal informational information is never shared with anyone, not even your local government.

Why am I receiving weekly emails?

  • You receive an email weekly if you live in a city, village, county, etc. that has posted a question on Polco within the past 30 days that you have not answered. You can opt out of these emails at any time.

I no longer want to receive emails. How do I stop them from coming?

  • At the bottom of each weekly email there is a link to stop receiving emails. Please click on the link there and follow the instructions.

I’m a registered voter. Why am I not verified?

  • Sometimes Polco isn’t able to match the information that you give against the voter file. This can be because of one or more factors: a recent change of address (the voter files Polco checks against are updated every three months on average), data inconsistencies (Mike vs Michael, for example) Or because someone is not correctly registered to vote. If a resident thinks they should be verified and are not, they can reach us at hello@polco.us.

Why are there questions from groups that aren’t my municipal or county government?

  • Polco exists to build and sustain a healthy dialogue about public policy in our communities. While the vast majority of organizations posting questions on Polco are local governments and elected officials, there are some others too. News organizations and nonprofits, for example have found Polco to be a helpful platform for hearing from residents of their communities as well. These groups are not affiliated with our local government and, by default, residents will only see questions posted by government entities. In order to see questions from other organizations, they must actively search or subscribe to those organizations.