Housing Development

The City of Yankton and Yankton Area Progressive Growth partnered in 2013, hiring Community Partners Research, Inc., to provide a complete unbiased housing assessment. The results provide excellent information related to Yankton’s housing situation along with recommendations for future action in areas of greatest need.

housingView the Yankton housing study here!

The purpose for the study was to identify possible solutions and to make specific recommendations to the YAPG Board of Directors in order to help facilitate development in the following three categories:

  • Home ownership in the $100,000 – $150,000 market
  • Home ownership in the $150,000 – $200,000 market
  • Apartment development as identified in the housing study

These three areas were not being met to the level required in the market. Other communities in South Dakota have been successful in addressing needs in these areas and the task force sought guidance from them as they proceeded. South Dakota Housing Development Authority was an additional resource for the task force. View this resource on the 10 Steps to Housing Development SDHDA.

Why Westbrook Estates?

Through the research conducted by the City of Yankton and conversations with realtors, employers, and contractors it became clear that Yankton has a need for more affordable housing.  People are having a difficult time finding housing options.  The independent housing study completed in 2013 indicated housing needs of many forms.  Westbrook Estates is addressing the need to provide more affordable, non-subsidized, housing units.  There are apartments that rent for $550-$950 a month and new homes from $130,000 to $200,000.  This was the primary need identified in the 2013 housing study.

Why is Yankton Area Progressive Growth involved in housing? 

In the past Yankton Area Progressive Growth has devoted most of its energies to providing job growth in our industrial companies.  A recent survey indicates that many of our manufacturing companies are expanding and creating additional jobs in our community.  They indicated that a major challenge to recruitment is the availability of housing, especially more affordable housing.  YAPG has worked to solve the needs of the expanding workforce through developing more affordable housing.

Who is building at Westbrook Estates?

The apartment complex is being built by Eagle Construction. The houses are being built by Nielson Construction. Lots have been sold to several other contractors as well. There are also lots available for purchase.  The development features lots for single family homes, duplexes, and quadplexes.