Heating and Cooling: Whether your home is freezing or only blowing hot air, Larry's is there for you.We repair all brands of heating and cooling equipment.  We’ll get you cozy and comfortable – warm (or cool) again – quickly.

Maintenance: Larry's is committed to making your equipment last a long time!  And, when you call, you’ll get a genuine caring and understanding Larry’s team member on the other end of the telephone… not an impersonal answering machine that you have to leave a message with.

Fireplaces: You can have the fireplace of your dreams!  Talk with our knowledgeable Comfort Consultants.  We will help you choose the right fireplace for your home.

Duct Services: We’ll schedule your home’s duct cleaning, and that means lower utility bills and healthier cleaner air in your home!

Replacement: Home comfortable? Time for a new, high-efficency system? Our comfort consultant will come to your home, analyze your home’s heating and cooling system, and do the calculations necessary to determine the right size system for your home.