Applied Engineering specializes in the precision machining of aluminum components for a wide range of applications, including: Military & Commercial Communications Systems, Aerospace Applications, Defense, Medical and Archery.  Applied Engineering uses automation, technology and innovative manufacturing techniques to produce high quality products, delivered on-time, and at the lowest achievable cost.

We specialize in high speed milling of aluminum components to close tolerances. We offer major savings for our customers who may be buying costly investment castings, die cast items, or purchasing machined components from a typical machine shop.

We machine all items from high quality bar or plate, and once integrated into our processes, we are able to hold down costs as no additional setup costs are required. In comparison to castings, we can incorporate engineering changes quickly at minimal costs, offer short start up times without expensive die investments or die maintenance costs, and provide a consistent, high quality product. With our systems approach to machining, work in process and cycle times are minimized, again reducing costs.

Our experienced programming staff can import various 3-D model formats (Iges, STEP, Parasolid, etc.) directly from your engineers. We use your solid model to program both the machines for production as well as the CMM's for inspection. This greatly reduces the time it takes us to get your product from the programming stage out to the production floor. Our first article reports are automated to be created directly from the CMM report which improves accuracy and availability.

We also can take a motionless two dimensional print and create a dynamic three dimensional model converting your old prints to a modern computer graphical representation of your part.