Napa Junction Will Expand Industrial Site Offerings

Monday, November 06, 2017

How can a community build a thriving local economy? What actions must they take?

While communities will differ about the specific approaches to take, most strategies share a common goal - to attract new businesses and foster greater industrial development and expansion. By working to develop new sites that meet 21st century business needs, communities can set themselves apart.

Our Yankton, South Dakota, leadership is striving to further strengthen our local economy with construction and development at Napa Junction. Currently, Napa Junction is home to a Dakota Plains Ag grain terminal equipped with an office, business shop, silo complex, and grain pads. With its incredibly convenient location on a rail loop with access to three Class-A railways, we are working to develop a rail industrial park. The development plan is nearing completion and businesses are already expressing interest in locating at Napa Junction.. Request information on Napa Junction.

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