One Spacious Building Ready for Your Expanding Business

Monday, October 09, 2017

Even with extensive planning and preparation, there are times when the growth of your business can greatly exceed your expectations - and that is a good thing.

As a business owner, you may welcome unanticipated expansion; however, when this growth exceeds the capacity of your property, it may pose a problem. When selecting a site for your business, you should consider both your current needs and future possibilities.

Our Yankton, South Dakota, Spec Building provides 40,000 sq.ft. that is expandable to an impressive 80,000 sq. ft.. Built in 2014, the Spec Building covers more than 4 acres and offers up to 24 additional acres of land in the Schenk Industrial Development site. With no floor and minimal electrical, this building can be finished to meet your specifications. Explore how the Spec Building can meet your needs.

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